Prayer Suggestions
You may like to include the following in your prayers:

Those who are unwell, including:

- Linzi Pepper
- Kasia
- Mavis
- Pat Hughes
- Christine Besley
- Liz Besley
- Jill Nicholls
- Pat Jennings
- Mark
- Andy
- Claire
- Peter
- Eddie
- Bob
- Christine
- Evelyn Stretch
- Roberta
- Michelle
- Rebekah
- Reagan
- James
- Gill Yates

- MU Members, especially the house bound

Note: I would welcome any feedback on the above, plus any extra names you would like included or removed (Edgar).

The souls of the recently departed, especially:

- June Lees
- Lydia Marshall
- Jean Growcott
- Sylvia Perks
- Freda Green
- Gill Weatherstone

  and for those who mourn them.

The continued progress of all who have been ill recently, but have made some recovery.
Those others known to us who are suffering illness, bereavement, or other trouble.
The victims of religious persecution worldwide.