Here at Church of the Ascension Mother's Union we have a very special ministry outreach through the gift of knitting.

It started many years ago, when my mom Olive Challinor, was Enrolling Member (as Branch Leaders were called in those days).
She asked members to knit squares which were then delivered to a lovely lady who we knew by the name of Aunt Em, who was a relative of a member of our congregation.
We never had the privilege of meeting Aunt Em, but she sewed together hundreds of squares, which made many blankets, a marvellous achievement as she was almost blind.
The blankets were then shipped out to Africa, where one of our members sons was a Missionary.

As the saying goes 'from little acorns, mighty oaks do grow' and so has our Ministry in knitting. We are blessed to have two lovely ladies, Margaret and Marleen, who knit for our branch (besides other members). Teddies, Prayer shawls, Prayer squares, matinee clothes, baby blankets and larger blankets, all knitted with love.
These items are blessed by either Rev Giles or Rev Jane before being distributed.

A baby blanket and teddy are given to all children who are baptised here at Wall Heath.
The baby clothes are made for the baby special unit at Russells Hall Hospital.
Prayer shawls, squares and blankets go to our community and beyond to give comfort; but it is our teddies that reach out to all ages young and old, that are loved above all.

They have been sent the length and breadth of our country.
They travel in taxis, are given to all in despair, to the sick and the dying, or just for comfort.
They have travelled to Germany along with Prayer shawls, Prayer squares and their patterns in the hope that a knitting group can be formed by the ladies who took them back to Germany.

Knitting is a wonderful gift and through that gift we can witness the love of our dear Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

Jane Lamb,
Branch Leader