An Easter Message

JESUS CHRIST is Risen today Alleluia!

A familiar line of a very familiar hymn, that somehow in these strange and often uncertain and fearful times, becomes even more significant with the hope that it offers to a world in such need of that hope and healing.

The disciples witnessing as they did, the horror and cruelty of the cross, could be forgiven for forgetting everything that Jesus had said and promised before his death.
The words in John 14: 2-3 “In my Father's house there are many dwelling places.
If it were not so, would I have told you that I go to prepare a place for you?
And if l go and prepare a place for you, l will come again and will take you to myself; so that where l am, there you may be also”.
Words so often spoken at funerals for the hope they convey.

We have the benefit of the Gospels to reinforce Jesus' message, and the truth of it!

The rising of Jesus from the darkness of his tomb gives us Christians hope, courage, strength, and yes power to live as people who believe.
We are resurrection people, living in the light of His glory, in a world that in many cases is dark and unwelcoming.
So, in 2,000 years not much changes.
Fear abounds; mistrust of the unknown is rife.

The Roman's dismissed Jesus as a troublemaker.
Around the world today Christians are treated with great cruelty and are dismissed as troublemakers and deluded in the name of Jesus Christ.

The disciples may have gone off the rails initially, but they became great messengers of the Gospel, suffered for it, died for it, but they did all this is the hope and trust that Jesus words were true.

When Mary Magdalene met Jesus in the garden, Jesus told her to go and announce to His disciples that He was risen, it took a while for the penny to drop, and for them to recall Jesus words.
“On the third day l will rise again”.
This message was reinforced when he came among them in a locked room, and said, “Peace be with you”
He appeared several times to many groups of people.

One of the most famous and a great favourite of mine is the road to Emmaus when Jesus breaks the bread to share for supper, and they recognise Him.
Hope for a better future for our world is high on the agenda at the present time; but hope without faith is empty.

So many people need to hear the Good News that Jesus loves them, wants to save them.
Our churches have not had an opportunity like this since the war years.
Jesus came to save those who need healing and renewal.
This is still Christ Mission today, and it is our calling.

May the blessing of the Risen Lord be with us all.