Fr.Adam writes

     I can't believe where the time has gone since I first arrived.
Four months have flown by and part of me feels like I've always been here.
It has been a privilege getting to know you all and to become part of the community in Kingswinford and Wall Heath.
I think I have now visited most of the eateries and am a firmly established regular at Alexanders!
The Eco vicarage continues to be a blessing to the environment it sits in, whilst also testing my patience when, after understanding how it works in the summer, I'm now having to learn how it works in the winter!
And we have experienced some wonderful moments together over the last few months.
The annual memorial service for All Souls at St Mary's and the inauguration ofthe Church of the Ascension band are two stand out moments for me and show that there is energy and drive to continue building the kingdom in our part of the vineyard of God and for both our churches to be able to develop in ways you want them to.
We have also been able to welcome so many people into church for baptisms, weddings and funerals and it is my prayer that in meeting people at these key times in their lives we are able to show them the love God shows for us and help deepen their relationship with Him.

In the coming year we now need to take that energy and build on it.
Advent is a time of patient reflection and waiting for the coming Christ-child and all that his birth offers us and all of creation.
What I would like all of us to use this time for this year is to think about what the coming of Christ means for us, means for our churches, and means forthe communities we live in.
In doing this we will then prepared to respond to the birth of Jesus at Christmas and think about what we need to do to grow our congregations in number and in discipleship.
I recently reflected on this in a sermon where I said we can't just expect this to happen, instead we need to pray for it and pray for the tools we need to do it, along with open and expectant hearts.
So please use this Advent as a time of hope filled, expectant prayer for our future.

In response to this time of prayer and reflection we will then meet as separate churches during 2022 to plan for our future.
The Bible encourages us to dream dreams and have visions and that's what I want us to do.
To be bold in our ideas for growth, to be daring in what we try and to be fully open to the Spirit guiding us and provoking us. And if some of these ideas don't work then so be it.
It's more important that we try then not.
So, keep your ears peeled for these times when we come together to plan for the future and join in.
Our faith is one based on the Trinity and the Trinity can be symbolised as a dance, one where we are all invited to join in.
And as you read this letter, if there are things you feel called to join in with at either church then let me know and join in with the Trinitarian dance in Kingswinford and Wall Heath.

But our future will need resourcing, both in terms of people and of money.
Both churches have been blessed over the years with legacies and generous giving and we need to continue to build on this.
As I always say at baptisms and weddings, we want to be here to baptise and marry the next generation after this and we can only do this if we have the money to keep our churches going.
So, I also ask for your prayers for our stewardship campaign that will be happening towards the Spring, a time where we give great thanks for all that has been given and seek to discern how we can increase what we give to our churches and it's mission.

The arrival of a new priest is always a time of change, of anticipation and of fresh starts for everyone and this is at the heart of the Christmas message where the arrival of Jesus into our lives once more is a chance to change and anticipate a wonderful new future.
The challenge this Christmas will be how can our celebration of His birth once again renew us to look forward to the future with hope.

With my prayers for all of you as we enter our seasons of patient hope, reflection and celebration at the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ. '

With love ...... Fr Adam